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Who we Are?


We not only teach but do – in our registered trainings as well as during coaching and mediation. With our proactive and multidisciplinary methods we can enable the perceptible improvement of efficiency regarding the solution for a conflict or a personal problem.

Coaching process

June 29, 2011
Starting up

One could find oneself in the need of a life-management coaching or a business-management coaching situation hallmarked with the collective nouns such as personal coaching – life coaching, or business coaching. For instance, in a given situation where you do not find the appropriate solution to a given problem for a long time.


Expectation causing negative stress and incorrect sample solution are given at that time, which is more likely to lead to incorrect solution, false solution, or even to postponing the solution. You may also have felt that you would need only a bit of time but you did not have more. However, there are fairly good solutions to handle such situations.

What is more, these can be learned and applied!
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